Job track ”industry”


Job track Industry is an ongoing project since 2017. The aim with the project is to give individuals who stands far from the labour market a chance to acquire a job. It is a project in close collaboration with the local business community where the first step in the project is to obtain internships at various companies. The training lasts for twelve weeks and the participants combine theoretical studies with internships. The individual must apply for the project and the selection is made through interviews. It is important that the right person is in the right place and therefore we match the individual’s skills and background with the companies’ needs. It is important to have close follow-ups in the workplace in order to identify difficulties at an early stage.

Content of the project

• Internship three days per week and theoretical studies two days per week
• Rights and obligations as an employee in Sweden
• How should I behave in a workplace (on breaks, social codes, use of mobile phone, to be on time etcetera).
• Job-related Swedish (many new words and terms in a workplace)
• Laws and regulations governing the labour market

Project results:

The project has been very successful and about seventy-three percent of the participants have gotten a job after the end of the project. Combining theory with practice is a good method for achieving good results. An important concept with the project is the frequent follow-ups in the workplace, which is a security both for the individual doing the internship and for the employer. Through these visits, various issues and problems can be handled quickly and the right support can be put in place. Vetlanda Lärcentrum received the integration reward for the good results and outcomes of the project. 

Labour market inclusion:

The project is directly addressed towards the labour market and the entire training period prepares the individual to become job ready.  

Community engagement:

Getting a job and becoming self-sufficient is an important part of an individual’s development and motivation as well as achieving a strengthened self-esteem. This results in an increased level of engagement for the society in which the individual interacts. Further it leads to a deeper understanding of the everyday life, living in a social context, in an democratic environment.