Women in Action


The relationship of gender and migrant integration is the theme of this sections.

Theoretical part

Approaches and strategies for managing migration are often developed without taking into account gender and the different experiences and needs related to it. Initiatives to empower women and girls, to improve access to education are important as we consider integration and inequalities.

In some communities, cultural attitudes and behaviours are holding women back from fully participating in society, they are prone to having a more difficult approach to education and being disadvantaged on the labour market. It is crucial to ensure that female migrants and refugees have equal access to all necessary services, education, labour market and opportunities to socially integrate, despite being occupied by childcare.

Good Practise Box – Integrating through socialising in the parents and children club


The Democratic Education Centre in Prague runs a regular programme on women and childcare, bringing together parents (mainly women) from diverse backgrounds to give them an opportunity to practise Czech, and socialise and integrate with each other and into local life. Activities and topics covered are flexible and tailored to the women’s and children’s needs. The meetings also promote understanding between different communities and as the women regularly bring their small children too, it also helps achieve real social integration at the earliest stages. Participants have gained confidence over time to participate more fully in the community they live in, find friends and be more satisfied in their everyday realities.

Module 1:

Linguistic Integration

Them and Us: Meet and Greet Together

Women in Action

You Are What You Eat

Beyond Cultures and Ages: Connecting Migrants with Seniors