Module 2: Digital skills

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of Module 2 Digital skills are:


to demonstrate the importance of having good knowledge in ICT to cope in the increasingly digital society


to provide professional with useful tools in ICT to for example clarify information and simplify interaction


to provide professionals with meaningful exercises that helps increase digital competence.


Module 2 focuses on how to use ICT to facilitate for professionals working with migrants. Further the module includes solid tips, examples, and exercises to increase the digital skills within the migrant group. The content of the module is mainly aimed at individuals who lack basic skills in ICT but many of the exercises and activities are adaptable to suit even individuals who have more advanced knowledge. At the end of the module there are references to useful activities only for advanced learners.


The importance of knowledges in digital skills (ICT)

Tips of useful tools for professionals

Simplify information with image support

Advanced learners’ section