Tips of useful tools for professionals


The second module contains useful tips for professionals on how to use various digital tools.

Theoretical part


One activity for professionals is using the tool FORMS included in Office 365. FORMS can be used for evaluation, surveys, quizzes etcetera. FORMS can be a good tool for measuring prior knowledges and to gain information of what level the individual is at.

How to create a FORM


Quizlet is a game tool for language training, a test tool and a quiz. Since it is a so-called scale tool, you can adapt the content and level of difficulty to your students’ needs. There are several different games / activities as well as a self-correcting test built into Quizlet, but for them to work, you need to enter the words, concepts or phrases that you want your students to practice. You must also provide each word / phrase with a definition either in the form of a verbal description or a picture. There is an image bank in Quizlet, but you can also upload your own images.

Quizlet is an educational digital tool that is a fantastic resource for individuals’ learning. Quizlet is a varied tool for learning words, phrases and grammar. Quizlet is interactive, multimodal, self-correcting and adaptable.

Once you have created your own Quizlet account, you can also start searching for other people’s finished games and dictionaries and save them and use them. There, Quizlet works in the same way as e.g., Kahoot.

Tips for the facilitator

Useful digital tools for professionals that can be used in daily work. The digital tools can be used for different kinds of evaluations, surveys, language learning and more.

Module 2:

The importance of knowledges in digital skills (ICT)

Tips of useful tools for professionals

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