Project: ”In Gioco”


How to enhance the labour inclusion of migrants living in the city of Palermo? Is it possible to break down employment stereotypes and combat the exploitation of migrants by innovating employment services?

These and other answers have been addressed by In Gioco, a project aimed at young and adult migrants, men and women, who are coming out of or trying to get out of situations of labour and sexual exploitation. Hence, IN GIOCO was implemented in the Municipality of Palermo, aimed at fostering migrant people’s access to career guidance services, enhance their opportunities into new fields and promote entrepreneurship through skills deepening and paths of self-enhancement. IN GIOCO is supported by Fondazione Con il Sud.

Labour market inclusion:

In terms of labour market inclusion, the project has seen the implementation of several different activities:

Creation of counselling service for labour market inclusion,

offering training and job placements and addressed to migrants as well as operated by a group of selected young migrants, who had been trained as peer-to-peer orientators;

Creation and opening of “Giocherenda”,

a social enterprise dedicated to the creation games that stimulate imagination, storytelling and solidarity, managed by young people who arrived in Italy as unaccompanied minors;

Job guidance training with practical activities

allowing for the exchange of different viewpoints and the better understanding of one’s own competences. Furthermore, a couple of non-formal activities have been carried out fostering the reflection on participants’ own competences and aspirations through discussions with others and self-reflection;

Implementation of a guided tour in established enterprises

enabling participants to discover new realities so as to stimulate self-entrepreneurship processes.

All of the above-mentioned activities actively contributed to the development of participants’ employability skills as well as fostered labour market inclusion ofyoung migrants in general.

Community engagement:

The social enterprise Giocherenda is very active in the local community. Located very central in the old city centre of Palermo, their shop has become a meeting space for the local community, in which different local realities hold workshops, such as on recycled materials fostering the exchange between locals and new citizens as well as creating a space for exchange and learning.

In addition, the organisation of an awareness raising campaign targeting potential employers and enterprises fostered awareness in the local community as well as increased employers’ willingness to fairly employ and consequently support the social and labour market inclusion of the migrant population.

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